The Baltic Sea was covered there are some 11,600 years. Thus, the weight and movement of ice 2,000 feet thick have forever shaped the landscape of Aland. The geology we then offered an archipelago of beautifully sculpted granite boulders, lots of islands and islets and easily navigable waters.

Aland Islands account 6500, 1 town, 16 small municipalities, thus 6 is the archipelago.

Företagsam Skargard was founded in 1998 by six municipalities of the Åland Brando, Vårdö, Kumlinge, Föglö, and Sottunga Kökar. It is an association whose aim is to support micro-businesses and entrepreneurs in the archipelago Företagsam Skargard is partly funded by the European Community.

Ă…land joined ESIN in September 2009.

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