Europe's Best Islands

The Islands of Sweden

When considering which of the European small islands to visit, then Sweden may not immediately come to mind. However, the Stockholm archipelago consists of over 30,000 islands and is a fascinating place to explore. It’s easy to visit the larger islands year-round, but during winter, the conditions may be too icy for the ships to run. Taxi boats are available to take you to your destination, and the Swedish law of Freedom to Roam allows you to moor anywhere.

What to Do in the Archipelago

One of the easiest ways to explore is to rent summer house Sweden to act as your base for all the day trips you are sure to want to make. It’s even possible to have your own private island, where you and your family can make the most of the spectacular water views.

If you rent a summer house in Sweden, you get the best of both worlds: swimming, relaxing, and sailing, all within a few minutes of Stockholm. You can alternate between the tranquillity of the small islands and the culture of the capital city.

Many artists, authors and poets have found inspiration in the archipelago, including Bjorn and Benny from ABBA, who wrote many songs here! Sailing is a very popular activity, with the opportunity to experience the annual race around the island of Ornö, organised by the Tyresö Boat Club. If you visit during the winter, you can take part in outdoor ice skating.

The small villages on the islands often have craft stores or farm shops where you can enjoy local produce. You are assured of a friendly welcome, and you certainly won’t go hungry, particularly if fish is one of your favourite dishes.

The next time you fancy a trip to one of the many small European islands, remember Sweden!