Mediterranean Islands

Four of Greece’s Most Beautiful Islands

If you are an avid traveller, you must have visited European cities, such as London, Amsterdam, and Paris. And while you enjoyed your time there, you may have missed those excellent sandy beaches, clear horizons, gorgeous skies, and even the sun. These perks can be found in the Greek islands. Whether you are looking for difficult-to-access, inhabited, or uninhabited islands, Greece has thousands of them. We look at four of the most beautiful islands in the country.

Mykonos: This Greek island is not only popular with families and watersport lovers, but it is also the ideal destination for those people who love hiking and nature, as well as gay travellers. There are multiple routes to access the island, with booking a direct flight to Mykonos being the easiest and shortest option.

Marathonisi: Set south of Zakynthos, Marathonisi is one of the most beautiful islands on Greek soil and a perfect romantic getaway too. It is also known as the Turtle Island, thanks to the many turtles found there. That means you may want to get out of there before sunset to avoid being attacked. But even so, you will enjoy your time there during the day.

Symi Island: Its proximity to the Turkish resorts of Marmaris and Bodrum says all about the island’s strategic location. If you are looking for restaurants that cook exquisite seafood, Symi should be on your list. You will also enjoy the sun here. Beaches here are plentiful, including Panormitis, Nos, Pedi, and Nimborio. You can go with your sweetheart, or entire family and Symi will cater for you all.

Kefalonia: You may have heard about the Ionian Islands’ highest mountains. You will see them here. If sandy coves are your thing, then you will find that here too. While on Kefalonia island, you will have the chance to visit one of Greece’s natural wonders, Melissani Lake, a must-see for any nature lover. Failure to see the Antisamos and Myrtos beaches while on your trip here may be regretful.