Mediterranean Islands

Van Issues When Visiting the European Small Islands

A road trip to some of the small islands throughout Europe will be a very enriching experience. It can be done for work or recreation. Using a van rather than a car is a wise choice as it will allow for much greater storage capabilities. This is also ideal for anyone who needs to make a large delivery to the European small islands. However, if the driver intends on using a van, there are several issues that they need to be aware of. Luckily, many of them can be solved thanks to the services provided by Worksystem.

Alarms and Locks

It is very important to have a decent security system in place. Unfortunately, van theft is on the rise in some parts of Europe. Drivers can minimise the chances of someone breaking into their van in several ways. They could install a protective grating on the interior sides of glass windows. Alarms are also vital for both alerting drivers and potentially scaring off intruders. Travelling to European islands will involve parking the van inside a ferry. The driver can leave it unattended with the peace of mind that criminals can be deterred.

Interior Storage Solutions

If the driver needs to transport heavy or fragile equipment to a European island, then it is useful to customise the interior. There is a variety of storage solutions from that can secure the cargo inside the van. For example, bespoke shelving will help drivers to fit in everything they need to. These solutions also help to save precious time. By attaching sledges to the back entrance the driver is able to move quickly and easily place heavy objects into their vehicle.

Roof Racking

Sometimes the driver needs to transport objects that are better suited to being stored on the roof. In these scenarios, it is vital that a decent quality roof rack has been installed. A load roller can be a very useful aid. They are ideal for placing boards, ladders and pipes onto the roof. Therefore, they will appeal to construction workers who have contracts to fulfil on small European islands.

Safety Equipment

It is also a good idea to consider the emergency equipment that should be stored inside the vehicle. Van crashes are frequently reported in the news within Europe. They are sadly a part of life. If the driver has a fire extinguisher on-hand, it can be life saving. Many vans also have a first aid kit in case the worst should happen.

Driver Environment

There are plenty of modern gadgets that can make the driver’s life more convenient. If they do not know the area they are driving in well, then they could utilise a satnav to get around. Worksystem supplies holders for smartphones, laptops and tablets. They also provide parking sensors and rear view cameras. If comfort is an issue, then it is worth purchasing a high quality seat cover. Van drivers can customise their environment to maximise efficiency when travelling around small European islands.