Mediterranean Islands

European Small Islands

A trip to one of Europe’s small islands could be the ideal getaway for you and your family. A holiday away from the crowds is a chance to get back to nature and avoid the commercialisation of some of Europe’s better-known holiday resorts.

Whichever of the islands you choose to visit, you can bring that fresh, open-air feel to your home by adding a green rug with a distinctly European design. With a variety of options to choose from, you can easily give your home a new look and remind yourself of your European island holiday at the same time.


There are miles of beaches for you to enjoy when you visit Jersey, or you could spend time on one of the many boat trips to see marine wildlife such as dolphins. The best-known Channel Island also hints at the laid-back French lifestyle, thanks to its proximity to France. Shopping is fun here, and there is a range of souvenirs to take home, from home furnishings to local cider.


Located close to Malta, the island of Gozo is a green paradise. Another island where you can enjoy a relaxed pace of life, Gozo is perfect for those who want to explore the region’s natural attractions. The craft markets are top-rated and an excellent place for picking up unique and locally made items such as rugs and jewellery.


The Greek island of Chios is the perfect place to visit if you enjoy history. Off the main tourist trail, the island has abandoned villages that are just waiting to be explored and plenty of restaurants serving exceptional local cuisine. The local crafts make perfect gifts for friends and family at home. Why not pick up some of the local olive oil or handcrafts?


The small Scottish island of Colonsay is located in the Hebrides. With just one hotel on the island, you will not be tripping over tourists. Local souvenirs include the island’s own gin and honey. It’s a great place if you really want to get away from it all, but you don’t have to worry about the weather. The island has its own microclimate and enjoys some of the sunniest weather in Scotland.


The Turkish island of Bozcaada has also avoided mass tourism. Still, it has so much natural beauty it is hard to understand why more people don’t visit. You can see signs of the island’s Greek heritage around the island, but the Turkish lifestyle is everywhere. Enjoy the local cuisine in one of the restaurants, or take home a Turkish rug or two to decorate your home.