Mediterranean Islands

The Northern Sporades

Greece, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, is also home to hundreds of islands, both inhabited and uninhabited. Amongst the prettiest of these is the Northern Sporades. Located in the Aegean Sea close to the island of Evia and the mainland city of Volos, these delightful islands are not overly touristy, but are growing in popularity each year. Only 4 of these islands are permanently inhabited, with homes that are mostly traditional whitewash on the outside but tastefully decorated inside with wallpaper and hardwood features.


Skiathos is well known for being small but packed with many gorgeous beaches. It is also notorious for its small airport and short runway, and if you happen to be on Xanemos beach as the planes are going out you will get a great view of the underside of the plane that feels close enough to touch. One of the most iconic beaches in Skiathos is Lalaria, it is a pebble beach that is only accessible by boat, but well worth a visit. Megali Ammos is closest beach to the town, so is always busy, but is also a great place to stop for lunch as there are plenty of tavernas dotted long the way. They are warm and welcoming, with wildly coloured wallpapers to brighten the whole place up.


Skopelos has no airport so is only accessible by boat. There are 2 services from Skiathos, the flying cat which is high speed and can take about 30 minutes, and the ferry which takes about an hour and 15 minutes. Glossa and Skopelos Town are the two main ferry ports. Having no airport has helped to keep a traditional, less touristy feel to Skopelos, but that started to change after the release of Mama Mia! in the theatres. Filmed on the Islands of Skopelos and Skiathos, people worldwide got to see glimpses of the beauty of these two islands and started turning up in their droves. If you are looking to see traditional Greece, then Glossa town high on the hill is perfect.


Alonissos should not be missed if you are visiting the area. It is one of the most unspoiled of the Sporades, due to the fact it has no airport and is therefore also only accessible by boat. Being that little bit farther away from the airport at Skiathos means that most tourists tend to stop in one of the first two islands, and comparatively very few spend their holidays on Alonissos. If you are there though, Alonissos Old Town should be visited. Once abandoned, now the properties are being bought up and refurbished to their former glory. This includes amazing interior design and even some designer wallpaper brands too. Traditional Greek designs in the interior of the properties help to make the wallpaper and soft furnishing fit together tastefully.


Skyros is perhaps best known as a retreat island. Artists and writers flock to take classes and be inspired by the beauty around them, even the statement wallpapers can become a muse to those looking for inspiration. It is also popular as a mediation retreat island. There are many who come here to study yoga and to generally escape from the rat-race, even just for a short period.