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Tips for a Trip to the Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is famous worldwide thanks to its appearances in popular culture, such as the Skye Boat Song. Still, few people know much about the island. They may not realise that they have seen it in several films and TV shows, but it has become a popular filming location in recent years.

Explore the Island

The island is Scotland’s second-largest, and it has very quickly become a popular tourist destination, second only to Edinburgh. Many of the tourists that come here will opt to stay in one of the towns on the island, such as Dunvegan or Portree. Still, it is recommended that wild camping is a great way to connect with nature here. Visitors should travel here in their car or hire one on the island to make the most of the opportunity to explore.

Avoiding the summer months is a good idea as this is peak tourist time and thousands will come to the island. Instead, try an off-peak time of the year to see just how peaceful it can be. It’s also better to visit at a quieter time if you want to see some of the local wildlife, which might keep out of the way when the island is busy. Golden eagles and red deer can be seen easily if you are patient and wait for the right moment.

Picking up local souvenirs is a must. There are a couple of distilleries where you can pick up some local whisky to take home, or you can do a little shopping in Portree. If you prefer not to shop, why not head for popular attractions such as the dinosaur footprints on Staffin Beach?

Get Holiday Ready

Everyone wants to look and feel good when they are on their holiday, and while Skye might not be known for glamorous clubs, there is no reason why you can’t take the time to boost your own confidence. One option is Motiva, where you will be taken good care of while you undergo your cosmetic procedure. Knowing that you look your best when you set off on your trip will ensure that your holiday starts on a happy high.

To make the most of the beautiful landscape, it is recommended that as you are driving around the island, you take the time to stop regularly to enjoy the views and take a few photographs. Also, if you are thinking about some wild camping, check ahead to make sure that you aren’t going to be camping on any private land and definitely invest in a good quality tent. This will help you to stay prepared for those sudden weather changes.