Mediterranean Islands

Recreating a Small Island Atmosphere

There are undoubtedly numerous small islands to visit around Europe. A vacation to any of them will bring a feeling of relaxation. The advantage of smaller islands is that no matter where you stay, you will always be in easy reach of the sea and magnificent coastal views. The color blue is said to represent calmness and tranquility, and this is why you feel rejuvenated after a holiday on one of Europe’s smaller islands.

Bring the Small Island Atmosphere Home

Having returned from your vacation, you may feel somewhat deflated and want to retain that air of relaxation. You can easily revamp your furniture to bring back that feeling of tranquility. Perhaps your sofa has seen better days and requires a new cover. If you were to select several Ikea sofa covers in shades that remind you of the ocean, you could recreate that longed-for small island atmosphere.

Blue is the Color

On some of the smaller Greek islands, you will discover that blue and white are the predominant colors. Local residents enjoy living in gleaming white houses, with touches of deep blue to remind them of the sea. You can bear this in mind when choosing your new Ikea sofa covers and use the same contrasting colors to freshen up your home. If you purchase blue and white souvenirs from your small island vacation, these will look very effective when displayed near your sofa.

Small Island Flora

Another option to remind you of the joy you felt while on vacation is to buy Ikea sofa covers that reflect the natural plants and flowers from your small European island. Brightly colored materials will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face and happy memories of sunny days. And fortunately, as Ikea sofa covers are so affordable, you can change the style of your room as often as you want. No matter how stressful your day is, you will instantly relax on your lovely sofa.

Recreating a small island atmosphere is not as difficult as you may think, and you can start to plan your next vacation in comfort.