Mediterranean Islands

Kornati Islands

Featuring salt sun-kissed limestone, dry tough grass sparsely spread over softly shaped forms, these islands in Croatia are quite unusual. About 10 kilometers off the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia along the horizon lie The Kornati Islands. They are 140 in number, and they look like a long streak of thin paint, forming the most densely packed group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Kornati Islands cover an area of 320 square kilometers, and they have no permanent inhabitants. There are few dwellings here and are hardly noticeable as they are hidden in the inlets, and they are used for seasonal accommodation by fishermen or holidaymakers.

The entire Kornati Islands has been declared as a National Park since 1980 to protect and preserve their nature. The marine life here is filled with spectacular coral reefs. Some are quite large and colorful. Sea creatures are abundant. Visitors come here to snorkel or go on diving trips- it’s the perfect way to explore the rich blue waters of Kornati Islands. On land, there are a number of animals that called Kornati Islands their home. Native lizards, snakes, frogs, birds, and more than 60 varieties of butterflies live in these islands.